Anne Liles Photography | About
Photography is the first true love of my life- something that I am always exploring and always learning about. I learn from you, the light, the situation, whatever I am handed.

The most important thing to me?... This is all is about having a good time@
Photo sessions don't have to be stiff and contrived,-tilt your head this way and crane your neck that way-
no, no, no-
we will have fun. I will make you laugh- you will make each other laugh and when it's all over you'll forget that you were ever nervous or worried to begin with.

When it comes to weddings, I like to spend as much time as possible on the wedding day taking photos of moments as they naturally unfold.
I do feel it is important to capture the historical family photographs of those whom you love however, I like to keep the number of posed family photos to a reasonable minimum.
You will LOVE the photos of the fantastic little moments you share with your family and friends more than anything that can be staged.

This is why I love photography.

I have been photographing families and weddings on Bald Head Island and in the Wilmington as well as throughout the states since 2000-
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